Corona infection in 284 Nepal Army personnel

Kathmandu, 6 August. According to Army Spokesperson Santosh Ballabh Poudel, out of 284 Nepal Army personnel who contracted Kovid-19, 94 have so far recovered and returned to the barracks.The Nepal Army has started keeping the infected manpower inside the barracks in isolation after seeing the increase in the infection of Kovid-19 and the reduction of isolation capacity.

A total of 190 army personnel infected with Kovid-19 are currently undergoing treatment at various hospitals across the country.In Dhanusha, Kovid-19 infection was seen in two army personnel for the first time on May 27.Spokesperson Poudel informed that the infection was seen in 25 people at the training center in Nepalgunj at the same time.

He said, “As there is a lack of isolation in the country due to the increase in the infection of Kovid-19, the work of making isolation inside the barracks for the military manpower has already started.”Some military personnel have been at the forefront of the work of burying people who have died from the infection of Kovid-19.

The army has specially deployed daily patrols, quarantine, isolation, holding area security, flight coordination, health desk, relief distribution, autopsy management and a large number of medical manpower.

Of those who died from the Kovid-19 infection, 126 have been buried under the management of the army. According to the Military Public Relations and Information Directorate, 20,195 army personnel have been deployed for the prevention, control and response of COVID-19.

About 8,000 of the manpower are now working in the front line.Nineteen people have died in the last seven days as Kovid-19 infection has increased in the country. Out of about 30,000 infected people in Nepal, about 18,000 have recovered and returned home, while 12,000 are actively infected and some of them are living in isolation at home.

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