Chaurachana festival is being celebrated in Mithila area today

Chaurachana festival is being celebrated in Mithila area including Mahottari today amidst the terror of Kovid-19. This is the main festival of the moon in Mithila.At present, injunctions are being issued in eight districts of State-2. For the last time, the district administration offices have issued a restraining order till September 25. As the risk of infection increases, Maithils (residents of Mithila) are celebrating their traditional festivals within the ban issued to circumvent it.

There is a tradition of offering puri made from dal and rice flour, dessert khaja ​​(pirukiya) and khir, yoghurt frozen in earthenware, ripe banana house and other fruits and ornaments in the Chaurachana festival. In preparation for the festival, Maithil Hindus are now preparing to gather their materials. The housewife concludes the festival by fasting all day and visiting the moon in the evening. Bratalu has a tradition of sitting clean and eating sattvic food by resolving the brat one day in advance.

In the Chaurachana festival celebrated on the fourth day of Bhadau Shukla, after sunset, it is customary for the housewife Bratalu to end the brat by lighting a lamp in the Arippan (quadrangle shrine) in the middle of the courtyard covered with cow dung. This festival is traditionally celebrated after offering Khir, Puri, Dahi and other dishes according to Gachche and bananas and seasonal fruits to the moon and offering offerings to the family members at the quadrangular altar.

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