Rachna Rimal’s Without You, Ritu’s David’s Love and Pain( watch video)

Rimal is a talent creation that has been in the news since the third season of Nepal Idol. It can be seen that his musical height has increased a lot after he sang in a photo shoot last time. At this time, she is one of the busy singers. Her songs are being recorded daily and made public. Similarly, the music video of another song in his voice has been made public.

The video of the song has been made public from Rachna’s own YouTube channel. The song ‘Timi Bina’ has lyrics by Rachna Pradhan and music has been composed by Nagendra Shrestha. After the video of the song was made public on YouTube, positive reactions are being received. Watch the video like this.

Rahul Pradhan has composed the music for the song of love and pain. The video for the song, recorded at Studio One, features models Ritu Poudel and David Subedi. The video was shot by Abhas Brajacharya and directed by Prahil Karki. While preparing this news, the video has been watched more than 1 lakh times and more than 10 thousand likes. The video has been edited by Madhab Belbase.

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