Dozens of Chinese miles in Lipulek

The video is placed at the end of the news below, watch the whole. Kathmandu. It has been confirmed that Rona Bha Eras has been transmitted to a woman of the same house who organized Teej’s rate feast in Ward No. 7 of Kageshwari Manohara Municipality in the eastern part of Kathmandu. A 30-year-old woman of Sayapatri team in Ward No. 7 of the municipality has been diagnosed with Rona.

All the three district administrations of the Kathmandu Valley have imposed a one-week injunction on September 19 as the number of cases is increasing. The administration is urging all the residents of the district not to go out of their houses except for urgent work. In addition to banquets, mass gatherings are also prohibited to be vigilant against the spread of the disease. According to the source, the woman had organized a fast party at home before her crying was confirmed.

All the women of Tolwasi were invited to the banquet organized at the house of the woman with permanent address in Jhapa. More than 50 women and relatives participated in the banquet. The woman, who has been active in various groups and social work, had undergone PCR a few days ago.

His test report came out a few hours after it was organized at home. All the participants of the party have been stunned after the transfiguration was confirmed to the organizers of the party. The woman has been kept at home. Preparations are underway to seal the centenary toll as all the neighbors have participated in the banquet organized by the association.

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