When Jyoti Magar said that I am looking for Poi like Rishi Dhamala

Kathmandu, 7 August. Famous singer Jyoti Magar said that she used to wear make-up to look good as she is in the glamor profession. She said this while talking to journalist Rishi Dhamala in a special Karakani broadcast on Prime Times Television on Saturday night. Singer Magar knows that I am your father-in-law’s house.

When asked, she said, “Yes, like you.” She replied that she was a child in front of Komal Wali and Deepashree Niraula, but she was not old. She said that she was preparing to get married and was looking for a suitable groom. She said that her favorite youth should be literate, good looking and stand on her own two feet.

Full video of journalist Dhamala’s conversation with singer Magar:

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